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17 September 2012

Renovation Expo 2012

17 September 2012
We were at the Renovation Expo 2012 (or Super Home Ideas Expo), held at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. Had a full day, to Midvalley and pergi ke Tabung Haji Kelana Jaya to send Hubby's aunty for haj. 

Like our last home expo at PWTC, we also went to secure yet another deal for wallpaper. (aiya..). But that's the best deal we think we could get. From Zen Home Decor - buy 1 wallpaper for RM 999 and free another 4. Tapi each wallpaper ada installation charge RM 150 if we opt for them to install. Still, kalau I beli ini deal, 5 wallpaper sini = harga 2 wallpaper Luzzone haritu. 

Wallpaper yang ada offer ni terhad je and tak lah ada 3D bagai macam Luzzone..but still the wallpaper was beautiful. We could use this offer for good use.

 TV panel

Kubiq Kitchen 

And again, this is one home and living expo you can definitely miss out if you have so many to choose from. Even with all three of the MVEC halls are open, tempatnya nampak kecik (it's Mid Valley anyway). If you are bringing pushchair, it is quite daunting jugak trying to push your way through the crowd. And despite it being a RENOVATION expo, there were quite a few of the booths selling periuk induction la..some kitchen gadgets ribu riban..hmm.

The next one shall be at KLCC - the awaited Home Dec Parts 1 and 2. Sheeesh..since when I am so into home decorations...since we are about to buy a house that is.. :) 

Nite nite all and back to work! 

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