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05 October 2012

Being A Mother Means Having To Sacrifice Things..

05 October 2012
Today at work while leaving for home, a colleague greeted goodbye to a friend. Apparently he will be leaving for United States tomorrow for training. Was curious to know which training is he going so I asked. My friend said, "Ala, training yang you turned down tu..". 

I was offered to attend that training by my boss in Sept just as soon as I just came back from maternity leave, but I turned it down. I can't deny that it kinda feels terkilan for not accepting the offer but I am limited because of my baby. Among a few other reasons, one of which was because I was unsure if she can cope a 24-hour flight journey when she is still so small. 

Another, since somebody must accompany me (most probably my mum, since there would be no way Hubby can get a 2 weeks leave on a rather short notice), unless I have lotsa cash to spend on another business class ticket for Mum which I don't, I had to be sitted on an economy class, which may be inconvenient when I have a baby to bring. Weighing all the possibilities, I just had to turn it down.

Was I wrong for feeling a slight bit of terkilan? I hope not.

I discovered, being a mother, you have to sacrifice for a lot of things for your child/children. That is strange because that doesn't seem like me. But for the love for my child, I would go for extra lengths. Problem is, when other people don't get it. Let me tell you..

  • I would be one of the earlier ones to have gotten out of office. In corporate world, "early" means leaving the office at anytime between 5-7 pm. Early this week our colleagues wanted to go out for a "happy-hour" session after work but I had to decline, saying that I need to go home. "Kesian my mum (who takes care of little Aisyah) ", I would say. I could sense my colleagues disappointment. And I don't know for how long I had to decline invitations....
  • My friends invited me for dinner at Jusco on one weekday night. It was supposed to be after the Maghrib prayer, of which I gladly accepted the invitation. However the makan started quite late, up until 9 pm, after which I had to then say I couldn't attend. Baby Aisyah usually sleeps at 10 pm and she will throw tantrum is she is not cuddled to sleep at the time that she would. One of my besties' response, I felt quite 'terasa'. I think she said something along the line of  "biar la dia taknak datang pun". I know she was joking but I couldn't help feeling terasa.
I don't wish to have invites stop coming in coz friendship means a lot to me. Having been the earliest yang dah ada anak among my circles of friends, I think it is understandable if my friends tak faham enough on my situation. The time would come when they would get married and have babies and we would soon be talking diapers and breastfeeding! Hah!

Footnote: The other reason why I turned down the training offer was I am definite that I will be sent to US next year! When little Aisyah is bigger and stronger. So, no regrets! :D

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