nurinkhairi: September 2012

17 September 2012

Renovation Expo 2012

17 September 2012
We were at the Renovation Expo 2012 (or Super Home Ideas Expo), held at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. Had a full day, to Midvalley and pergi ke Tabung Haji Kelana Jaya to send Hubby's aunty for haj. 

Like our last home expo at PWTC, we also went to secure yet another deal for wallpaper. (aiya..). But that's the best deal we think we could get. From Zen Home Decor - buy 1 wallpaper for RM 999 and free another 4. Tapi each wallpaper ada installation charge RM 150 if we opt for them to install. Still, kalau I beli ini deal, 5 wallpaper sini = harga 2 wallpaper Luzzone haritu. 

Wallpaper yang ada offer ni terhad je and tak lah ada 3D bagai macam Luzzone..but still the wallpaper was beautiful. We could use this offer for good use.

 TV panel

Kubiq Kitchen 

And again, this is one home and living expo you can definitely miss out if you have so many to choose from. Even with all three of the MVEC halls are open, tempatnya nampak kecik (it's Mid Valley anyway). If you are bringing pushchair, it is quite daunting jugak trying to push your way through the crowd. And despite it being a RENOVATION expo, there were quite a few of the booths selling periuk induction la..some kitchen gadgets ribu riban..hmm.

The next one shall be at KLCC - the awaited Home Dec Parts 1 and 2. Sheeesh..since when I am so into home decorations...since we are about to buy a house that is.. :) 

Nite nite all and back to work! 

15 September 2012

Harga rumah sekarang...

15 September 2012
In The Sun newspaper on Tuesday: "According to survey, an average household income of RM 14k can only afford a house below RM 500k"

Harga rumah sekarang sangat ridiculous sekali. People like me are forced to purchase a house further and further away from the KL city. Now I'm staying at my parents' at Cheras for about a year or so, jadi pegi keje memang agak bliss..walaupun Cheras ni memang traffic jam memanjang. Bliss, tapi kena bangun awal la. 

Pukul 6.30-6.45 am dah kene bertolak dan boleh sampai dalam pukul 7.30-7.40 am or else you'll be stuck in a traffic jam. Till today I'm still counting my bliss, for me, staying at Cheras is relatively best sebab agak dekat jugak dengan KL. Kalau time weekend, 25-30 mins dah boleh sampai KLCC. And the route yang saya amik takpayah lalu tol. Paling cepat saya pernah sampai ke office is about 45-50 mins. Kira OK la tu..I'm not complaining. 

One of the earlier houses that we had an eye on, was those new development kat Saujana Utama, Sungai Buloh. Dia nama je Sungai Buloh tapi bukan dekat bandar sangat, masih jauh lagi ke'll be surrounded still by pokok kelapa sawit sepanjang perjalanan.. Their new house range is called Sinar 2. It's a 2 1/2 storey house, next post I will include the photos. And rumah junction lot, ala yang kalau jalan bentuk L tu, rumah dia dekat sudut L tu la..haih taktau camne nak explain :D So it does have quite a bit of generous land there. 

It's priced at RM 795k (mak datuk terbalik kome mendengarnya). Tapi ada 10% + 7% discount.. 10% from developer and 7% bumiputra discount. Jadi dapatlah RM 660k camtu.. Tapi will that be worth it with the amount of traffic jam yang kene endure tiap pagi untuk ke office, dengan jauh lg, minyak..tol.. 

But it was the most aesthetically pleasing house yang saya survey. Cantik, tapi ada mampu ka nak duduk jauh gitu sementara kerja di KL? Hmm. We found ourselves a better deal so we turned this offer down. 

13 September 2012

Perfect Livin' Expo 2012 @ PWTC

13 September 2012
Our newfound hobby is visiting expos.. Morning traffic jam can eye on the new buntings around Jalan Tun Razak, TUDM area, PWTC.., kot-kot ada expo yang berkenan.

Last 2 weeks we went to  Perfect Livin' 2012 expo. Unfortunately dapat pergi sekejap je sebab dah nak tutup. Fortunately for Hubby coz he already went there without me on the first day (Thursday). 

Photos, photos!

Hubby booked a package with Luzzone, a company specializing in Korean wallpaper. Personally, I didn't see much of a value to book something non-essential so early on. But it was quite a good deal. Bayar RM 200, boleh beli an unlimited supply of wallpaper for RM 798 per roll selama 2 tahun. Haarga sebenar RM 1200-1300. 

I think wallpaper makes a room look more themed, senang bersihkan especially kalau cik Aisyah ni suka menconteng dinding bila besar nanti, and house looks more classy (yang ni cik nurinkhairi suka). :P

 Langsir theme black white. Hmm nice

 Buy 1 lamp worth RM 1800, dapat 2 lagi lampu percuma. 

Sorry I already snapped a photo walaupun kata no photography allowed. (Why??). New aquarium concept, embedded jadi part of perabot.. 

An English and white theme for Aisyah's room, insyaAllah..

Hubby and I are both new dalam  bab2 home design/decorate rumah ni.. So I wanna make sure yang we don't buy too impulsively (adakah Hubby beli wallpaper impulsive?). Main reason why tak sempat nak habiskan semua expo tu (it is hugee! PWTC!) sebab layan some salesmen who wouldn't let you go and tried to make a sale as much as he/she could! One advice is jangan tergopoh booking all the perabot la apa..tawaran for kitchen cabinets..closet..50% discount pun ada but I'm glad we didn't rush in. Important things macam tu bukan kena fikir murah je but kualiti and yang penting, functionality.

This week will be a Renovation Expo kat Mid Valley.. (I'm guessing it will be kecik je). Besides that, plenty more expos to come (source: Lowyat Forum):

HomeDec Part 1
Date : 18 – 21 October 2012
Venue : KLCC Convention Centre 
Tel : 603 7982 4668 
Website :

HomeDec Part 2
Date : 25 – 28 October 2012
Venue : KLCC Convention Centre 
Tel : 603 7982 4668 
Website :

Perfect Lifestyle'12, Home and Living Exhibition
Date : 9 - 11 November 2012
Venue : Mid Valley Exhibition Centre 
Organiser : CNM Event Marketing Sdn Bhd 
Contact Person : Mr Terry Wong
Tel : 603 8075 7375
Website :

Renovation Expo 2012
Date : 25 - 27 November 2012
Venue : Tun Razak Hall 2,3,4, Legar Putra & Pelantaran Putra, Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC)
Organiser Exhibition Guide (M) Sdn Bhd 
Tel : 03 - 9056 3323
Website :

10 September 2012

Minister's Suite at Palace of Golden Horses

10 September 2012
Had an great weekend with Hubby. Despite checking in very late, we had an awesome one night's stay at the Minister's Suite at Palace of Golden Horses, Mines Seri Kembangan. It was a free gift after we signed up for their Vacation Club. By 12 noon next day, we checked out and went to Rawang for some agenda.

We didn't really manage to check out the resort's facilities but that's because we will be definitely be coming back many more times here. What's more it's just like, 20 minutes away from my parents' house?

Jom tengok gambar!

Shower, bidet and toilet. First time nampak bidet kat Malaysia. Bathtub dgn sink not shown in picture

The bedroom. Taken from balcony. It's huuge. 

There's a door that separates the bedroom from the living room 
The living room. Judging from the sofa beds yang ada, ramai orang boleh muat ini bilik and tido dengan selesa. Next time we're coming here, I think we can invite our family, just for the fun of staying at the hotel :)

A toilet at the living room side

View from balcony

Tapi kan.. kalau nak ambik deco dia buat ilham..ambience dia klasik sangat. Nampak macam mewah style la , tp not my taste. Hah!
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